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Delivering Value through Analysis

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) Analysis

Geometric Dimensioning What would be the fun if you design a drawing and do not properly specify its dimensions?

It would be like talking of a person’s physique without specifying these sizes. Dimensions are an integral part of a drawing and when the drawing goes to manufacturing plants, another feature which gets added to its specification is the tolerance that must be provided in order to make it suitable for assembly.

The shape and tolerance of the drawing determines the limits of production variability. As per standards of all international manufacturing industries, the dimensioning must be properly specified and accurate tolerances should be given so as to create effective parts.

Main Dimensioning & Tolerancing Features:

Straightness A measure of all points being in a straight line. Tolerance – zone formed by two parallel lines
Flatness All the points on a surfaces are in one plane. Tolerance – zone formed by two parallel planes
Roundness/Circularity All points on a surface should be in a circle. Tolerance – zone bounded by two concentric circles
Cylindricity All the points of a surface be equidistant from a common axis
Profile A Tolerancing method of controlling irregular surfaces, lines, arcs, or normal planes
Angularity The condition of a surface or axis at a specified angle (other than 90°) from a datum plane or axis. The tolerance zone is defined by two parallel planes at the specified basic angle from a datum plane or axis
Perpendicularity The condition of a surface or axis at a right angle to a datum plane or axis
Position Tolerance – zone in which the center axis or center plane is permitted to vary from true position
Total run out Provides composite control of all surface elements
Concentricity The axes of all cross sectional elements of a surface of revolution be common to the axis of the datum feature
Parallelism The condition of a surface or axis equidistant at all points from a datum plane or axis

Software we use for 3D CAD Modeling and Manufacturing drawings include ANSYS, CATIA, Hypermesh, SolidWorks, Cosmos, Autodesk Inventor, Nastran and AutoCAD among others.

Consult us for integrating Engineering analysis in the design process to resolve several issues in best possible manner.